About death

Increasingly, I wander around the city.
Increasingly, I see death - and smile
smile sensible. Well, What?
So I want. So peculiar to me to know,
And that she will come to me in my hour.

I passed along the race on the highway.
Day gold asleep on a pile of rubble,
And for the deaf fence - racetrack
The sun was green. There cereal stalks
And dandelions, swollen spring,
In the caressing rays of dozing. And in the distance
Grandstand crushed flat roof
A crowd of onlookers and fashionistas. small flags
Dazzled here and there. And on the fence
Passers-sitting and staring.

I went and heard a quick gon horses
For light soil. And a quick tramp
hoof. Then - a sudden cry:
"fell! fell!"- shouted at the fence,
And I, jumping on a small stump,
I saw all at once: flying away
Jockey in variegated - for small Stolb.
Slightly behind them, galloping horse
No Sedokova, vzmetaya stirrups.
And for foliage kudryavenkih birches,
So close to me - lying jockey,
All in yellow, In the green of spring cereals,
fallen backwards, face turned
In the caressing the deep sky.
As if the century lay, rend rookie
And leg bent. So good lay.
To him people were running. issued,
Slow gleaming spokes, lando
rolled gently. people ran
And lifted him…

And then hung
Helpless yellow foot
The covered with tights. the rubble
Their shoulders somewhere head…
Lando pulled up. To his pillows
So carefully and gently put
Chicken yellowing jockey. Man
He jumped awkwardly on the bandwagon, measurement,
Supporting the head and leg,
And an important driver turned back.
And just as slowly spun the spokes,
gleaming goat, axis, wings…

So well and willingly die.
All my life I was riding - with a persistent idea,
To the first galloped. And the skak
Stammered breathless horse,
Oh, the power of the legs do not hold the saddle,
And utlыe vzmahnulisy stirrups,
and flew, thrown push…
He hits his head against the native,
spring, welcoming land,
And at that moment - in the brain have been all thoughts,
only necessary. gone -
And died. And the dead eyes.
And corpse gazing dreamily upward.

So well and willingly.

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Alexander Blok
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    Poems are brilliant