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Night, Street, lamp, pharmacy,

Night, Street, lamp, pharmacy,
Senseless and dim light.
Live another quarter century -
Everything will be. no way.

Die - you start again from the beginning,
And repeat, as of old:
Night, ice channel ripples,
Pharmacy, Street, lamp.

10 October 1912

ABOUT, how madly outside

You, poor, naked wretches.

ABOUT, how madly outside
revet, raging storm of evil,
The clouds rush, pouring rain,
And the wind howls, breathless!
dreadful night! On such a night
I feel sorry for the people, homeless people,
Compassion makes me -
The crude cold arms!..
To fight the darkness and the rain,
Sufferers fate sharing…
ABOUT, how madly outside
raging wind, iznyvaya!

24 August 1899

She sang in the church choir

She sang in the church choir
About all tired in a Strange Land,
Of all the ships, gone out to sea,
Of all who have forgotten their joy.

So sang her voice, letyashtiy in dome,
And the beam shone on the white shoulder,
And each of darkness watched and listened,
As a white dress singing in light.

And it seemed, that joy will,
What's in a quiet backwater all ships,
What weary people abroad
Light life itself found.

And the voice was sweet, and the beam was thin,
And only high, at the Royal Gate,
Communion Mysteries, - crying baby
About tom, that no one will come back.

August 1905

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