When you are driven and beaten…

When you are driven and beaten
Men, care, il anguish;
When a grave
All, that you captivated, sleeps;
When the Urban Desert,
Desperate and sick,
You go home,
And heavy eyelashes frost,
Then - stop for a moment
Listen to the silence of the night:
Comprehend the life of another hearing,
That day come upon you;
Anew okinesh glance
Dahl snowy streets, fire smoke,
Night, quietly waiting for the morning
over white, fuzzy garden,
And the sky - a book between books;
Find in his heart devastated
Again the image of the mother bent,
And this unparalleled moment -
Patterns on the glass lantern,
Frost, froze the blood,
Your cold love -
All breaks out in the heart of gratitude,
You bless all time,
realizing, that life - immensely Bole,
What quantum satis Branda likes,
And the world - perfect, as always.

Spring 1911

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Alexander Blok
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