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How many they have fallen into the abyss,
gaping away!
The day will come, and when I'm gone
Since the ground surface.

freezes all, that sang and fought,
Shone and torn:
And green my eyes, and gentle voice,
And the golden hair.

And will life with its daily bread,
On the day of forgetfulness.
And it will be all - as if under the sky
And it was not me!

changeability, like children, in each mine
And so long the evil,
Lyubyvshey time, when the wood in the fireplace
become ashes,

Cello and cavalcade in the thicket,
And the bell in the village ...
- me, so alive and present
On the ground affectionate!

- To all of you - I, nothing known the measures,
Aliens and their?!
I appeal to the requirements of the faith
And asking for love.

And day and night, and written and oral:
For the truth and there is no,
for this, I so often - too sad
And only twenty years,

for this, I - Direct inevitability -
forgiveness of injuries,
In all my frenzied tenderness,
And too proud views,

For the speed of fast-paced events,
For justice, for the game…
- Listen! - Still Love Me
for this, I would die.

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