My mother (4 December 1904)

remember Duma? they flew.
Otcveli wrapped hyacinth.
We foresaw bright targets
In the remote regions of the labyrinth.

we thought: we briefly wandered.
No, We live a long life…
Back - and we do not know,
And we have not met in a sweet homeland.

And no one asked about Planet,
Where we were nearing eternal youth…
Let die crazy kids
For dazzling milky paths!

But aimless, may be, kruzhenьi -
we were, as the elected representatives, the poor.
And now back to the doubts
The expensive, native home…

So. Do not wait for changes aimless.
Do not be embarrassed oblivion. not belongs.
Let to you - on the edges of the transcendent
Do not come and calm thoughts.

But, beautiful past is pleased, –
Let the future of the heart does not cry.
quietly know: will reward:
Dazzling Rider priskachet.

4 December 1904

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Alexander Blok
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