No, never my, and thou shalt not draw…

No, never my, and thou shalt not draw.
So that's what so attracted through the abyss sad years,
Through the abyss of empty days, whose burden is not izbudesh,
That's why I - your admirer and poet!

Here - a terrible seal exclusion of women's
For a marvelous charm - it's not comprehend the forces.
There - a wild fusion of worlds, where part of the universal soul
weeps, based luminaries harmony.

Here - my delight, my fear that night in a dark room!
here, poor, Why worry about you!
That's me with eyes so strangely accompanied,
Has not guessing, without knowing… not loving!

Law itself - flying, flying past you,
For other constellations, not knowing the orbits,
And this world is you - a red cloud of smoke,
Where something burns, poet, worries and burns!

And in the glow of it - your mad Mladost…
All - music and light: no happiness, no change…
One melody sound sadness and joy…
But I love you: I did this, Carmen.

31 Martha 1914

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Alexander Blok
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