unnecessary spring


Otserebrilas; resolved…
And because houses, drunk,
In an empty room pounding
Unnecessarily early spring.

She sulfur and unwashed,
She dissolute to the end.
Tychatsya like pigs in a trough,
Snoring at my porch.

And over Unmade Beds
persuade, pressing on my chest,
And in the heart, crumpled snowstorm,
Shamelessly want to look.

Well, What! bite the bullet, appointment
AND, by cunning, clear moment,
Her spell mutilated
And I will tear yellowed fang!

Let shakes shrill snout:
Why unsolicited entered,
Where the sun was not,
Where the night flowed blizzard!


In the eyes of waste a day so bright,
But at the heart of all the time - the night.
For my beauty - a gift
The old woman brought me a daughter.

"Here, spend time with her days and nights:
Look, she is slim, how so.
She will perform all, what you want:
She is shameless and simple ".

Look. My eyes - blind and keen.
"She is beautiful, your daughter.
here, Wait until the Red Hills:
Then I got married to her ".


winter was. I am sick.
I'm back in the corner, among the books.
He seems happy,
Leisured my twin.

Yes, I do, there is no leisure
Chat about all sorts of nonsense.
We understand each other?
Well, doors on constipation.

I'm fed up with guests.
tell, that sad.
But by the way, on the week -
Only one will admit:

Togo, someone from school
Lost complexion,
And he died of spells
The magic ring.

18 Martha 1907

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Alexander Blok
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