Spell of fire and darkness

For all, for all I thank you:
For the secret torment of passion,
For the bitterness of tears, poison kiss,
For revenge enemies and slander friends;
For people zest, dissipated in the desert.


ABOUT, spring without end without end -
Without end and without the edge of a dream!
I recognize you, a life! I accept!
And welcome ringing shield!

I accept you, failure,
And good luck, you my greetings!
The Enchanted crying area,
In the mystery of laughter - the infamous no!

I accept sleepless disputes,
Morning in the dark curtains of the window,
To my sore eyes
annoy, intoxicated spring!

I accept desert Ves
And the wells of earthly cities!
Osvetlennый space under heaven
And tomleniya rabyih labor!

And I meet you on the doorstep -
From violent winds in serpentine curls,
With the enigmatic name of God
On cold and compressed lips…

Before this feud meeting
I never give up the shield…
Never open your shoulders you…
But above us - intoxicating dream!

And look, and enmity measure,
hating, cursing and loving:
for muchenyya, for the deaths of - I know -
Does not matter: I accept you!

24 October 1907


Priya world, as a voiced gift,
As a handful of gold, I have become rich.
Look: increases, roars the fire -
Your eyes burn.

As it became terrible and light!
The whole city - a bright shaft of fire,
River - clear glass
And just - I do not have…

I'm here, in the corner. I am there, crucified.
I nailed to the wall - see!
Burn your eyes, burn,
As two black dawn!

I will be here. We all will burn:
The whole city is my, River, and I…
The baptism by fire
ABOUT, my dearest!

26 October 1907

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Alexander Blok
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