Gentle! In gentle river…

Theodore Smorodskomu

Gentle! In gentle river
You - Blue swain.
White sheep roam,
Cool curved one for the road.

Affectionate yellow aground,
Where the water turns blue.
Voice quiet flute
Sad submissive herd.

Sadness untold hints
The murmur of the waves duty.
ABOUT, take care of at the source
These instant dreams.

People will come and embezzlement
Zolotorunnuyu quiet.
Grave stones rolled,
Gentle rastopchat bulrush.

But high - in emeralds
Cloud-sheep wander.
The quiet and dark dams
Their reflection swim.

Let the city will fall
herd evening. Let be
People will appear in the mist
Zolotorunnaya sadness.

18 October 1904

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