There the forest twenty girls
Bloomed beautiful day.
Sergei Gorodetsky

I - peselnik. I deduce girls
In a dance. I wind witch.
I am the voice of one edge, where the blue haze, buza,
I diligently deduce long song.

Oh, far edge! You are my! Oh, kosynku scatter!
Oh, wench, Creek in the dead of a swamp in the spring!
Hey, wench, collect the fog forest oblique!
Hey, song, merrier! Hey, sarafan, oil!

He fell to the ground plait, tumanytsya dew…
Hp cheeks dark tan, that your wildfire…
And I got a wife… Oh, yidian fog, you are my!
Al sundress - fire, that a girl's tan!

24 June 1907

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