Ringing bells
Wakes winter air.
We do not work for nothing,
Will stay bright.

Silver light frost
near the entrance.
Silver on blue,
Clear expanse of stars.

How transparent, belosnezhen
Gloss patterned windows!
As fluffy and soft gentle
Golden your curl!

How thin you are in the red coat
With bow in Kosice!
Zasmeeshsya - shudder sponge,
tremble eyelashes.

Fun you all the passers-by -
Young and old,
Ugly and comely,
Thick and lean.

wonder, smile,
Popletutsya dale,
if at all, how to laugh
Children, not given.

And you will go on with my mother
buy Toys
And consider for the frame
Stars and firecrackers…

Sister dolls are glad,
Brothers ask guns,
And you do not have to
no toys.

You yourself will dress the Christmas tree
The gold star
And privyazhesh a prickly branch
apples are great,

You beads on the tree will throw,
gold thread.
Branches strong razdvinesh,
shout: - Look!

you shout, lift branch
thin arms…
And there laughing Dedkov
With white mustache!

7 November 1906

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Alexander Blok
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