her arrival

1. Workers at Reid

Fringed bat foam,
Day and night, they say breathing.
Fascinated by the siren,
Our labor slow heavy.
The ocean hums beneath us,
The port lights shine,
Ships for breakers
Keenly looking for lighthouses.
And shatayut darkness Sea
These thin beams,
How frightened Dawns,
Proskolznuvshego in the night.
Wide arms nights,
Sigh darkness!
All we are close, we are all brothers -
There, on the roads, per hour dream!
After midnight - in the distance
Uncharted land -
We sadly accompanied
blue ships.
Were strange outlines
Ferrous pipes and thin ray,
Names were dark
We unknown beasts.
"Bird Pins" went to the south,
returning, giving the sign:
through a storm, after blizzard
We distinguish red flag…
What the secret we kept,
Whose wealth was kept?
Gold bullion drifted eh
In our dark coolies?
Whether the bird is not wonderful
In the cell shoulders brought us?
Or a black queen
It froze in fright?..
But, like in a dream, People in the sea:
A burden every proud.
AND, obscure songs echoing,
Rumbled port moody.


Life was aspiration.
It was the cause of death
Nesvershennyh in the world
endless blessings.

The sky was covered with
Over the sea plain
In the hour, when he was
The first light flag.

night hid
From the eyes of sleepless
All, that was done
Below the Sea.

Only at sunset
In the inclined dawns
raced reflection,
ships shadows.

But not all read
glow signs,
And the sunsets were extinguished,
And - face to the moon -

poor planet,
tearing obscurities,
I knew about the coming
hopeless bottom.

3. Sea Shanty

It gave us the sea
Wedding ring!
We kissed sea
The tanned face!
bosom of the sea!
Riptide Marine!
With it, life is free,
With her death is not terrible,
She, mother, free, cold!
With her for a walk
At Volna spaces!
Blue ocean!
red Dawns!
Wind, you, drunk,
hair fluttering!
salty breeze,
voices Carry!
Wind, you, free,
Section sails!

4. VOICE in the clouds

We rushed over the sea to the land wild
The wretched blood, a short-lived dream,
The wind grew stronger, and over the sea sounded,
And it was disturbing to look in depth.

Sick and tired - we were jealous,
That somewhere in the seas of the storm had fun,
A night, how whore, staring shamelessly
On the dark face, in sore eyes.

We fought the wind and, frowning eyebrows,
In the darkness is barely visible trail…
And so, as an ambassador of the growing storm,
Prophetic voice in the crowd hit.

Instant zigzag on a stone steeper
Gala profile we splashed in the eye,
And in a clear break frightened clouds
He sang a cheerful song storm:

"Sad people, weary people,
Wake up, find out, that joy is close!
There, where the sea begins to sing a miracle,
There is sent beacon light!

he picks, he is looking for fun outdoor
And keen beam guards the breakers,
And from hour to hour are expected to arrive
Large ships from a distant land!

See, Strip light as a spreading,
How glad run to boil pen!
As the sea exults! You hear - somewhere -
after night, for the storm - the invocation of sirens!»

It seemed, top spread out clothes,
Thundering distance struck the hand…
We woke up to a new hope,
We knew it: unexpected joy close!..

And there - awakened by lightning horizon,
It was as if the city were burning away,
And all night to the port, as scarlet birds,
flew, hissing and whistling, train.

boomed the ocean, and foam rags
Tossed sea on the trunks of lighthouses.
Broaching prayer wailing sirens:
There's a storm overtook fishermen Court.


ABOUT, Seas luminous stalks, beacons!
Your Spotlight - flower!
Your soil - Create excitement,
sandy spit!

your stalks, about, ocean color, strong,
And the strong electric current!
And the rays promises salvation
There, where sailors killed!

morning will tell: look: weary work,
You will find in Burun
exhausted corpse,
Not saved thy care,

With a laugh cools down in the blue corner
curled lips…
Avoid your luminous rays,
Transgressed the last threshold…
Invisible to the eye,
Through the curtains nights
Frontal drawn primiryayushtiy Rock:
"No One".

You are our revenge, electric light!
You - not the light of dawn, - you dream off the ground,
But on foggy days you strike through the beam
No beginning cheating Ocean…

And reliability you we no friend:
We are conducting through the winter blizzard ships,
We assume secrets overseas,
We are under the yoke of the night mist…

Holds full of treasure!
Laden ships race!..
Let the stores from underwater monsters
Electricity - our star!

through a storm, through a blizzard - forward!
The electric light will not die!

6. ships came

Ocean dozing mirror,
Wicked storm moved.
At the hour of sunset, h Crystal
seemed ships.

Walked, as the fabulous fairies,
Pennants Motley distance.
Heavily bent yards,
ready anchor.

They sang the national anthem crimson zoryam,
All grief, laughed the distance.
With blue sea farewell
It was a pity to part.

And Oh there - for the scythe -
suddenly, bright,
C zatumanennoy beauty
Their beauty waiting…

So - the land, about, children of passion,
children storms, - it is for you! –
Fell hard tackles.
The news flew rocket.


Quietly crumbled to rocket sky,
West went out, and sighed land.
Steel on the roads, waiting for the dawn,
Night Dream has been paid to one will return.

Twilight nearing. In the morning slumber
Something infinitely sad-there.
There - in the ocean - in the earthly body of water -
Haunting and jittery splash news…

White, as the white bird, long away
Merit and heights and depths - and suddenly
Since the first boom, flown from east,
Sleepy in the seas awakening sound.

Death, or life hangs over the sea -
The news of the victory - in the boom flight.
The death of the sun, and we do not argue,
we know, that the time to prepare praise.

Who did not wake up at the first radiance -
gloomily remembered, that hymn ceased to vibrate,
Feels a dream, that lost Poznan
Early and bright and wise began…

But with ships, experienced bad weather,
The news of the dawn reached land;
riotous crowd, in anticipation of happiness,
We came to the shore to meet the ships.

Someone threw a flower garland,
Boats sped from motley land.
Strong young men sat at the oars,
Modest girl took the rudders.

We swam and sang, and sea pyyanelo…

16 December 1904

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