Be like a full bowl - Pushkin

Be like a full bowl,
Young happy home -
It is unclear your happiness,
But the silent w everything.

What a miracle, what a mess
To my mind -
Heck vozmy! but, your will,
I will not say anything.

That's a holiday so I Masha,
A friend of my heart;
Never about our happiness
We do not say anything.

Stay - totchas ugadayu
Mount your heart.
understand, understand! —
Do not talk as nothing.

Strict court, and the word of your
We value most.
You eh some about our happiness
Do not say anything!

He is the same age as me, he is so cute,
Always seen it, I brother,
is he, as a sister, loved me.
tell, What am I guilty.

Not, Masha, it is not your fault.

And this wedding will not happen.

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