Greek woman - Pushkin

You were born to ignite
imagination of poets,
His alarming and captivate
Amiable liveliness greetings,
Eastern strangeness speeches,
The shining mirror of the eyes
And this immodest legs ...
You were born for a languid bliss,
For the rapture of passion.
Tell me - when the singer Leily
In the dreams of heaven drew
His unchanging ideal,
I do not love you eh portrayed
Poet agonizing and cute?
May be, At the far side,
Under the sky of sacred Greece,
You inspired sufferer
I learned, il saw, like in a dream,
And the unforgettable image of the disappeared
In his heart depths?
May be, liroyu happy
You tempted wizard;
Involuntary trembling arose
In your chest proud,
And you, Prone to his shoulder ...
Not, not, my friend, dream jealous
I feed the flames do not want:
I have long been alien to happiness,
I'm new to enjoy it,
AND, secret sadness tormented,
I'm afraid: everything is wrong, that cute.

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