tell, Have you ever loved? - Akhmatova

tell, Have you ever loved?

tell, Have you ever loved?
tell, in your house floated dawn?
And over the head of pigeons circling
Its whitest in the world minuet?

tell, in your bedroom singing blizzard?
Have you read her his poems?
And every look you were looking for another
I brother, as a cure for boredom?

Have you ever stood at the station,
Inhaling complex odor trains,
And you thought, that you are in the throne room
Almost suffocated by perfume.

tell, Have you ever wept
Sobbing with happiness bitter morning?
A soul on napkins gave
Editors, pen zealots?

And you were hoping for God's will?
And in autumn with leaves flew out?
And you bless its share,
When the love betrayed
And there is no more hope?

And you humbled the pride of strict,
Trying to overcome their own ways?
And you loved so, even the name
Hurt you was to say aloud?

And if you're at least a little familiar
Error ripples my crazy arms,
the, means, It is for you, but not the second,
I wrote all his poems.

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