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my beauty, Full article,
The whole essence of your heart for me,
All breaks Music Articles,
And all to rhyme asks.
And rhymes rock dies,
And the truth is part of our little world
worlds discordance.
And the rhyme is not repetition of lines,
A wardrobe numbered,
Voucher for a place in the columns
In a next rumble roots and vulvas.
And breathes the love rhymes,
What's so hard imposed,
Before that frown
And wrinkle the nose.
And the rhyme is not repetition of lines,
But the entrance and a pass over the threshold,
to surrender, as a cloak for plaques
A heavy disease burden,
Fear of publicity and sin
For hands-free plaques verse.
my beauty, the whole point,
All become yours, beauty,
Spiral chest and pulls the road,
And pulls sing and enjoy.
You prayed Polycleitus.
Your laws are published.
Your laws expanses years.
You have long been familiar to me.

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