In hoary antiquity I left, sage…

Returns to its earth,
it was,
He returns to God,
who gave it.

In hoary antiquity I left, sage.
Эllada cold. silent singer.
Hellas is dead, styazhav zlatoy crown
And wisdom, and strength, and freedom.

Tu Wisdom I give Uma.
The strength, I understand and provizhu.
But life is not a lot of free souls -
Then I - the singer of nature.

In the cold darkness of the Hellenic tombs
I mind wandering vainly strengthened.
But shed in the heart of a deep heat.
And the first call of the soul I will sentence.
Graying centuries leave me eyes,
And the world will come back one - for a single song.

27 August 1900

*Returns to his earth;, which was,
And the spirit will return to God, who gave him.
Amen (lat.). - Red.

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Alexander Blok
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