I - a man and a little God is…

My mother

I - a man and a little God is.
In my poems you will not find power.
Chant them weak and vital blasphemed,
You new ideas to them will attain.
They were not warmed or genius, nor art,
they are vague, a long series of
Lead me without thought and without feeling
By earthly grave, poor and empty.
ABOUT, if I could have the power of genius
see the light of the century, bring them to the good!..
I have not given thought an ideal world,
No sense of good humble pen…
Blessed is a poet, good soulful,
What the world has given immutable covenant
And the power of eternal, the power of daring
He led the crowd in a glowing dawn!

18 July 1899

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Alexander Blok
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