The moon came up. Sigh dear
Answer sigh celebrations,
And the girl's heart favorite
Hear the passionate words.

Listen! hung Maid
Shield on a high oak,
Full passionate anger,
Listens to dalyah pipe.

The young man in white - high
He stood on the mountain and pipes.
Flashed blue eye,
The sound fades - flies…

Full angry anxiety
Girl looking for the sword…
At night on a mountain road
Robe falls from the shoulder…

Sounds silent so close…
Nearer! come! answer me!
Riza fell so low…
youth! below incline!..

The moon came up. At sigh favorite
Answer sigh celebrations,
And the heart of the virgin inhospitable
Hear the passionate words.

June 1903
Bad Nauheim

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Alexander Blok
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