Allegory – Blok's poem


Fled Dreams - beaming dawn,
And flaming dew
At the end of the midnight years
Plated copper colossus.

Idol rose in the glow of dawn,
To it flocked to the generations;
Already were thrown up altars,
There were slave molenya,

Knee should bow, of all…
One - Sage - lifts the eyes,
And these slaves, impressed,
We have seen the sign of the night…

He - in a frenzy priest
And so, exhausted and important,
I touched the wet crown,
And a voice came plangent,

And he revived deathly Colossus.
And the desert - without limit -
And fear, and cry, and hubbub grew;
And the beauty of the heavenly roses
He covered the sacrificial body.

13 November 1901

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Alexander Blok
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