whether slepы, days bezgnevnы…

whether slepы, days bezgnevnы,
are closed mouth.
The dream princess wakeless,
blue empty.

There were days - over Terem
flaming sunset.
Gently white words
Brother called.

Brother brother from distant cells
advertise: thank you!
Somewhere pigeons tinkled,
spilling wing.

With the golden bee hives
brought honey.
Filled fun doly
festive people.

The colorful beads, scarlet ribbons
girls bloom…
Who is it in braids rides
The blue dust?

Horseman dressed in bitvennom,
The gold brocade,
Light curls beat strands,
Sparks on the sword,

White horse, as the color of the cherry…
Bleshtut stirrups…
On his brocade coat
Prolilasʹ spring -

Shed - it will disappear in the clouds,
Breaks out over the hill.
On the green steep slopes rise
In the glare of the glow,

Somewhere feathers promashet,
shout: beware!
On horseback village proplyashet,
By nightfall, sink up…

At night the girls dream,
Fly from the clouds
Horse - instant summer lightning,
The Rider - quick beam…

AND, like a ray, will be held in cool
narrow window,
And Princess, the guest is pleased,
Get up from the bed of sleep…

Or, in the evil days of bad weather,
Would look into the sleepy pond,
And his, yeast passions,
Ruki zapletut.

And then deceived - to throw up
Hands to silver,
Rybʹim dancing otodvinut
The blast game…

and soul, fly north
Golden bee,
In scarlet dream, in clover honey
Lie down to rest…

And again in wreaths and rosah
sing the dream,
It shines on the slopes
Gold shield,

And raise the shield maiden,
Again, the distance
The rider will fall, horse rearing
The blue dust…

They will spring eternal change
And falls oppression.
Vortex, full of visions -
pigeon years…

With instant impotence?
Time - light smoke…
We raspleschem wings again,
again departure!

And again, in a frantic change
Breaking the firmament,
Meet new vortex of visions,
Celebrate life and death!

April May 1904. WITH. Shakhmatovo

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