happiest time, days rebellious youth!..

happiest time, days rebellious youth!
you sped, I'm sad and quiet;
A new ocean, angry and boundless,
Tired of my soul boat deflated…
You're cute I, past native,
Your sorrow is light, and your sadness pale…
Grief and sadness in the remote former
gone, soul tired one…
I do not know, many ills promises me another life,
I do not know, how wide an angry ocean…
I was oppressed by fatigue fatal,
Looking at life through the cloudy mist…
And then the fog all the immensity,
The farther rvus, the thicker the darkness around.
ABOUT, our life, why you do not understand!..
ABOUT, our life, you're always going to sleep!..

1 April 1899

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Alexander Blok
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