Ivanova night

We'll go out into the garden with you, modest,
I'm stranstvovatʹ odni.
You're going for grass dark
Search Kupala lights.

I'll wait with great faith
Wonderland, you desired:
Let flash Fern Gray
Under vstrepenuvsheysya hand.

Night polyhnet green, –
After all, together with her vspyhnesh you,
Drunk in the magic of this
Double bane beauty!

I'll wait, secretly admiring,
Night without waking desires.
Your maiden outline -
Do not be afraid - not frighten, child!

But, if the night, shaking the branches,
He wants to succumb in the sky,
I look in to your eyes
misty, as this night.

And it will be a moment, when you snidesh
Even in other skies.
And you will see new heavens
Only two stars - my eyes.

moment! This persistent eye sky
You are all reflected - see!
And under the canopy of branches patterned
Penetrated the mystery of dawn.

12 February 1906

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Alexander Blok
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