From crystal fog…

From crystal fog,
Of unprecedented sleep
Someone's image, whose strange…
(The room of the restaurant
Over a bottle).

Yelp Gypsy Airs
Flown from distant hall,
Distant violins wail foggy…
includes wind, Maid included
Into striated mirror.

Look in the eye - and a burning blue
delineated space.
Magdalene! Magdalene!
Wind blows from the desert,
blowing fire.

Narrow your glass and blizzard
For deaf glass windows -
Only half life!
But for blizzard - the sun of the south
Opalennaya Country!

Resolution of all anguish,
All slander and praise,
Snaking all smiles,
All movements pleading, –
life Break, my glass!

That long night on a bed
Not enough passionate forces!
So that in a deserted wail of violins
terrified eyes
The death dusk repaid.

6 October 1909

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Alexander Blok
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