we have forgotten, one on earth…

we have forgotten, one on earth.
Sit as quietly in the warmth.

In this indoor, a warm corner
Watch the October night.

Outside the window, as then, lights.
Dear friend, we're old men.

All, that was the storm and stress,
Behind. What are you looking forward?

look, exactly do you want to read
There's some new news?

Similarly, rapid angel waiting?
everything went. Nothing will not return.

wall only, to books, to days.
My dear friend, they are familiar.

I do not expect anything, I do not complain,
About anything, that passed, not sad.

Only, behold, It began again you
Bright beads on thread bottom,

As once, you remember when…
ABOUT, what they were a year!

But, when you were younger,
And silk brighter you took,

And the hand went to hurry…
So take the train and now popestrey,

to silk, vdevaesh that the needle,
I won this diversity mist.

19 October 1913

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Alexander Blok
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