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1. Aria for Cantata Yu. SHAPORINA

(Bride waiting for the groom)

I live in a remote monastery
In days, when falling sheets.
I go out and stand on the bridge
And I look at the river flowers.

And I look for the mists and fumes,
As of that of the misty distance
a succession of stretched, as of old,
geese, swans, that žuravli…

Give voluntary wings,
geese, swans, that žuravli…
Brother, when my calls
He will return from far given?

Christ, black nights and days
You keep my fiancé,
Forbid you from the enemy's arrows,
Save you from his sword…

3. XI. 1919

2. CHOIR Tatars for Cantata

go century…
running river…

The land hard, black, empty fields…
noisy feasts…
crackling fires…

buzzing away, turns to dust, earth trembles…
And the heat of fires
In the midst of peers -
And further the call - on the fight - a fight - Razi enemies!

The clang of swords, in rye kóney, in a blaze of bróni
for the battle, for swept away - in pursuit, in pursuit of, in pursuit of!

Swords arrow into the night mist!..
enemy Dobey, chase, fly, dock!..
Times, rubi, When, tight, hleshti!..

14. XI. 1919

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