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"Tell me, uncle, for good reason
Moscow, scorched by fire,
Frenchman given?
Well in fact there were fights fighting?
Yes, they say, any more!
No wonder all Russia remembers
On the day of Borodino!»

- Yes, there were people in our time,
Not that, that the current tribe:
Heroes - not you!
Bad they got share:
Not many people have returned from the field ...
Do not be on the Lord's will is,
Not given b Moscow!

We had a long silent retreat,
It was annoying, battlefield waiting,
grumbling old men:
"Well, we? Winter quarters?
Do not dare that commanders
Aliens tear uniforms
About Russian bayonets?»

And then we found a large field:
There roam where the wild!
built a redoubt.
Our ears on top!
A little morning lit up the gun
And the forests blue top -
The French are right there.

I scored the charge in the gun tight
And I thought: I'll buy another!
Wait a minute, brother, musyu!
What is there to cheat, perhaps for battle;
Oh, we'll go to ache wall,
Oh, we'll stand head
For your home!

Two days later we were in a shootout.
What good is a sort of trifle?
We waited for the third day.
Everywhere were heard speech:
"It's time to get to the canister!»
And here on the terrible fray
Night fell shadow.

I lay down to take a nap in the mast,
And you could hear before dawn,
How to distinguish francuz.
But quiet was our bivouac open:
Shako who cleaned all beaten,
Who sharpened bayonet, muttering angrily,
Biting his long mustache.

And only the sky lit up,
Everything suddenly began to stir noisily,
He flashed for systems operation.
The Colonel was born our grip;
the servant king, Father of a Soldier ...
Yes, sorry for him: fighting Bulatom,
He sleeps in the ground crude.

And he said the, flashing in the eyes:
"Guys! Not eh Moscow for us?
Umremte train near Moscow,
As our brothers die!»
- And we promised to die,
And kept the oath of allegiance
We are in the Borodino battle.

Well Well was day! Flying through the smoke
The French moved, like clouds,
And yet in our redoubt.
Lancers with colorful icons,
Dragoons with ponytails,
All flashed before us,
All we visited here.

You will not see these battles!..
worn banners, the shadows,
The smoke of the fire shone,
It sounded Bulat, kartechy vizzhala,
Hand fighters chop tired,
And kernels fly interfered
Mountain of bloody bodies.

I tasted the enemy that day many,
What does it mean Russian battle Delete,
Our dogfight!..
The earth shook - like our breasts,
Mixed in a bunch of horses, people,
And thousands of shots guns
Merged into a long-drawn howl ...

Here dusk. Were all ready
Zautra start a new fight
And before the end of stand ...
Here cracked drums -
And retreated basurmany.
Then we began to consider wounds,
comrades considered.

Yes, there were people in our time,
mighty, spirited tribe:
Heroes - not you.
Bad they got share:
Not many people have returned from the field.
When used on is not God's leading,
Not given b Moscow!

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