Then came the coveted hour. Nature…

Pochiyut in the depths of the heart
All evil thoughts and dreams,
We are full of infinite love,
The love of God we are…
Goethe. Faust (Perevi. Feta)

Then came the coveted hour. Nature,
From the hands of the ruler of the Creator,
Lit night sky vaults
Starry sparkle - without end.
So intricately and perfectly
Having filled the sky with silver,
The Creator has put a clear beacon
On guard in the glare of the world,
And swam month. Niva, dales,
plains, mountains and forests
Heed the prophetic words of
AND, silently, praise the heavens.
In the silence of nature deathly,
But sensitively sleep - until the morning…
You, lulled to sleep by the nations,
Then just crave good!
Well! Awaken your conscience?
Who knows, lot eh this night
Longingly remember the life story
And dreams chases away…
night nature spirit lifts…
Plagued you evil creations,
While good quietly napping,
And the deep night shineth!
put your trust, good! you, evil,
All night you do not close my eyes!
Let your ulcer fatal
You do not give a moment to breathe!
Only then peace deep snidet
Your thoughts and dreams,
Once you understand a distant world
Blissful life of spring!
When such a night, like this,
Will awaken in you a pretty forces
Beat poet stones,
Who taught you good!

25 July 1899

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