About life, dogorevshey in the choir…

About life, dogorevshey in the choir
On a dark choir Thy.
About Virgin with a secret in the bright gaze
Hosea above the altar.

About languid girls at the door,
Where eternal dusk and thanks.
On the far Mary, light Mary,
In someone's eye - the light, whose braids - haze.

you doze, God, the icons,
The blue smoke of censers.
I pre thee, the ambo,
I am - dusk city streets.

With me spring into your temple came,
She is betrothed to me.
I am gay, as the smoke of the censer,
She - foggy spring.

And we are under the arch Wei, veem,
We stele above the altar,
We deem the spell over the people
And Mary sing light.

And the girls have dark door,
At all levels of the altar -
As zasvetlevshaya from Mary
Peredzakatnaya dawn.

And someone's stuffy, thin hair
Slides and blowing round the face,
And at the pulpit female voice
He sings about Mary without end.

About the roses over her icon,
Where eternal dusk and thanks,
About Maiden far, supportive,
In someone's eye - the light, whose braids - haze.

November 1906

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Alexander Blok
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