The autumn evening was. The sound of rain glass…

Night without that, name anyone
name light: Lenore.
Edgar Allan Poe

The autumn evening was. The sound of rain glass
I solved all the same I - a painful question,
When my office, huge and misty,
He entered the gentleman. Behind him - shaggy dog.

On a chair by the fire sat wearily guest,
And the dog at his feet sprawled on the carpet.
Guest said politely: "Can it be true is still not enough for you?
Previous Genius Destiny time to accept, sőr ".

"But in his old age - and the return of youth, and heat…» –
So I began… but he persistently interrupted:
"It is - all the w: Lenore mad Edgar.
no return. - Still? Now I said all '.

And it is strange: life was - delight, the storm, hell,
And here - in the evening hours - alone with a stranger -
Under this business, It has long calm look,
It is much easier to imagine me…

That gentleman left. But the dog with me stretch.
In the hour of the Charter of the bitter kind eyes on me,
And put a paw on his knee stiff,
As if to say: time to accept, sőr.

2 November 1912

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