song Faina

When I look into your eyes
Eyes narrow snake
And a hand shake, loving,

Hey, beware! I am all - snake!
Look: I was your moment,
And I left you!

You give me the post! Go on off!
On the other, I will this night!
Look for his wife!

Go, it will disperse the sadness,
Pats let, kisses let,
Tread - bychom hlestnu!

try one, Come into my garden,
Look at my black, narrow view,
It burns in my garden!

I whole - Spring! I am all - on fire!
Do not come to me and you,
I love and I wait!

Who are old and ETS and in the prime of life,·
Who will give more calls coins,
Come on ringing cry!

over beauty, over sedinoy,
Over your stupid head -
whistling, my thin whip!

December 1907

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Alexander Blok
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