Ophelia's song

He whispered to me a lot yesterday,
Whispered to me terrible, fearful…
He left a sad way,
I forgot yesterday -
forgotten yesterday.

Yesterday it was - how long have?
Why is he so silent?
I did not find my lilies in the field,
I was not looking for a weeping willow -
weeping willow.

Brother, long-li! With me, with me
They said - and I kissed…
And I do not remember, I do not remember - I must admit,
What whispered the shore -
shore whispered.

I saw in each blade of grass
his dear face terrible…
He resigned on the same path,
Where it took yesterday -
it took yesterday…

I was sheltered in a field,
And there was no longer sad.
Yesterday it was - how long have?
With me said, and kissed me -
I kissed.

23 November 1902

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Alexander Blok
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