damn bell

Spring and winter decoration changed.
Month rolling across the sky - an ominous lantern.
You, people, born with the desire to die soon,
The fear of the night exhausted.

And over the swamp - the cursed bell-ringer
Beal and wake bell copper.
sounds flying, like an owl,
At night, the space.

Bell most blessed,
The biggest and most holy,
the, the morning call together parishioners,
At night, the sounds lavished.

Who will scatter marsh mist,
Bury the darkness of night?
Whose hands shake damned
This bell captive?

In the hour I was sullen ringing
under the wall, among marsh grass,
I recognized you, black bell ringer,
But not for me to tame your copper!

I wandered in the mists.
People slept. ABOUT, people! Until you wake up, –
A month will get you - red, sinister lantern,
Terrible bell will you sing!

7 November 1906

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Alexander Blok
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