Poet, krasneya, copper. over the mountain…

Poet, krasneya, copper. over the mountain
I stand - and dwarf serves me:
Bent dwarf in a dress black,
What appeared to me in a dream.

It fulfilled a bit - too much,
And in the coffin of a refiner of copper.
I myself opened its way,
Unable to overcome the heat.

The last procession decorated,
Slopes under a red canopy.
And thunder tower remains
With my dovremennyh peaks.

And willy-dark fortune teller,
Slowly with fun areal,
Švyrnet under seni coffin
Resurrects your booze.

Then - huge pale body -
I red brass sounds.
And before me, men in white
Put pale candle.

4 July 1904

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Alexander Blok
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