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All snow and snow, terpenes and point.
rather,, right b, The rain is over
And bitter poplar bud
Girlfriends arch modest table.
Zubrovka to gloom dripped,
Dill soup k b nakrošil,
stemware, crash vocables,
Latin shower stunned.
Blockhead b moved on the head,
We at that time b deaf, but
b Otkuporili, like a bottle,
Zaplesneveloe okno,
And the uproar burst b: "Splurge exiled
To hell, where Makar calves
Ganival not ... "And the sun oil
Asphalt would be flooded salad.
A gallop of thunder, for quartet
Elijah, in jets
My veal would delight,
Your calf tenderness.

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