Snow and snow

Snow and snow. All the house has brought.
Snow is white circle on the knee.
So frosty, light and white!
only black, black walls…

And the breath coming out of the mouth
Solidifying vapor in air.
Vaughn smoke creeps out of pipe;
Look in the box sitting with a samovar;

Old grandfather sat at the table,
I bent down and blowing on a saucer;
Vaughn and grandmother with furnace slipped,
And all around the kids laugh.

Tucked guys, look,
How to play with kittens cat…
Suddenly the boys squeaky kittens
Cast back into the basket…

Away from the house on a snowy expanse
They drove on a sled.
Disclosed shouts yard -
Giant from snow blindness!

Stick in the nose, proverteli eyes
And put on a shaggy cap.
And it's worth it, childish thunderstorm, –
Here take, Now get a hold of an armful!

And the guys are laughing, shout,
Giant they came to fame!
And the old woman looks at her grandchildren,
Do not contradict childish liking.

1–10 February 1906

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Alexander Blok
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