I'm just a knight and poet,
A descendant of northern skald.
And your husband has a volume of Wilde,
Scottish pled, colored vest…
Your husband - a contemptuous esthete.

Not because he is my only weapon sarcastic,
What is suspicious without measure?
follows, to whom you will give the bow…
And I… I his chimeras!
Today I am in love with you!

you treachery, flattery, false,
As vestments, dressed…
Tell me, faithful wife,
Shaking eh you cherished tremor,
I was secretly in love?

And really, this sleepy,
Jealous husband and funny
whispering to you: go, friend…
You pled wrapped in green
From winter blizzards Petersburg?

And really after the ball
Your not lying languishing look,
When the air your outfit
You sloping shoulders lowered,
Tasted dancing light poison?

2 June 1908

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Alexander Blok
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