you keep saying, I'm cool, closed and dry…

you keep saying, I'm cool, closed and dry,
Yes, so I will be with you:
Not for the kind words, I forged the spirit,
Not for the friendships I have struggled with fate.

You and he was once darker and bolder,
Star you could read,
That the coming of the night - darker and darker,
What night limit unknown.

That is - to pass. The whole world is wild, and neighborhoods
Neither flickering lighthouse.
And what, who do not understand the broadcast star, –
Unbearable surrounding darkness.

And in these, who did not know, that have passed,
With the coming night is not empty, –
Clouded heart fatigue and revenge,
Otvraŝenʹe hiding mouth…

There was a time of hope and faith large -
I was a simple and trusting, like you.
I went to the people with an open mind and child,
Undeterred by human slander…

And now - the hopes you will not find a trace,
All claimed to distant stars,
AND, who to go with an open soul while,
I had to turn away from.

And that very soul, what, dust, I waited,
Troubles surrender slowly, –
and enmity, and I love it emanated,
And burned it, and soul.

And still is - an eyebrow rolled up smile,
Compressed mouth and sad power
Insatiable female rebel blood,
Lighting a bestial passion…

Do not knock in vain at the door tightly,
Vain moan himself not Tom.
You will not find sympathy for the poor beasts,
Called people first.

You - the iron mask face covered,
By worshiping the sacred tombs,
Guarding the iron until the time of the paradise,
Inaccessible mad slaves.

9 June 1916

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Alexander Blok
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