Eternal Sunshine of the Baptist,
unquenchable fire.
but. Gippius

Roses in blue. It's time!
Vaughn flaming sunset.
Late. Until tomorrow goodbye, sister.
Be as happy. See you tomorrow, about, brother.

And went. In the sky
Roses with azure merged.
he looks: in the dark depths of the forest
Motionless shadows and oddly intertwined.

Someone close to flying -
Forest staggered around,
he shouted, - and he was speechless.
heard: - Hello, friend.

he listens. - You're Lee, sister?
And sees - zaalelo around.
Startled sheets softly:
- Not, no sister, and each.

And the wretched, pathetic knew
Force turquoise roses.
He rejoiced in the woods for a long time,
And the ghost in dreams grew.

For tomorrow: - Hello, sister.
Are you happy, brother?
Roses in blue. It's time!
Vaughn flaming sunset.
And now, like yesterday,
I see, like roses burn.

1 August 1901

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