And I had a crazy year…

And I had a crazy year
In black train. for flour,
For days and anguish nevzgod
My hair touching hands,
Looked dark eyes,
Breathing blue storm.

And I look. And the blue circle
My eyes circled.
She calls another sad.
She tells dreams.
And in the dark night, in a long evening
Outside the windows the wind whirls.

Then she spun ends
And quietly folds yarn.
And I went for the third watch
My joyless passion.
Look. Whole black hair,
And in the heart pours dark voice.

So I spend the night, days
In the loop of the Virgin, in a quiet room.
The fire died lights,
In the faster danced
Snowflakes fast - and that's
she gets. she goes.

She fastens tightly
His black silk scarf,
The last time caressing each other,
Throwing gentle hint,
is… Her movements are quick,
In the eyes, tuskneya, extinguish sparks.

And I listen to the clatter
Glass door in the distance,
And to the sound fades
Coals in an extinct Fireplaces…
Then - again I rush to the door,
I ran after her… In the frosty park

Sighs along the paths of the night.
She quietly surrounds
For klumboy flowerbed; retreats;
That suit, the pryanet away…
And further the noise is almost inaudible,
And the city sleeps, freezing pыshen…

Only in the frosty air - loudly
ring steps. I know
In the uncertain light of the alley
My beautiful snake:
She crawls out of the light in the light,
And the trail winds, as the tail of a comet…

AND, nastigaya, with a new fervor
I whisper to her gentle words,
Again dizzy…
Illuminated by a distant fire,
I'm in front of her, like a wild beast…
He knocks on the door yawning, –

AND, as if into an abyss, in the bosom of the night
we are entering… Raising our cool…
Brad. And darkness. Siyayut eyes.
Hair flowing over her shoulders
Wave of lead - blacker darkness…
ABOUT, night agonizing marriage!..

mutiny moments. vivid dream.
Futile frenzy of hugs, –
And the morning ringing ringing:
Angelic crowd Ratia
For a thick curtain of the window,
But with us the night - raging, hmelna…

Yes! us night! And the new government
Day night embraces us,
To tormenting passion
Day exhausted extinguished, –
And the long hours over us
It rings and beats its wings…
Once again, the evening…

21 October 1907

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Alexander Blok
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