We languor in the immensity…

And saw uranium kainate u j FHV
kainin the gar proos uranium Ms. I or
The first earth Fri lthe, Ms. I or sea
CDR Estin Q What. The city He
holy, Jerusalem, and N or N, I saw
descending in the sky
of God, The toimasmenim as
bride kekosmimenin tῷ Andreas I.

Revelations, Ms., 1-2*

We languor in the immensity.
Here are my songs - and the days.
Speech thoughtful allegiance -
if they are not numbered?

Not. Yet all is not measured.
Everything else hear beauty.
Banner of bliss is lost.
I found - and bear.

Scary vows victory,
incredible dreams.
sounds mighty, copper,
The moans of my depth!

What? In the latter Glowing
Brighter and louder deception!
If there is no date, –
Let fly a hurricane!

Cloud! shadows moved up!
Here - close down and died.
We are above the earth overturned,
We promechtalis century!..

Virgo! Astarte! indistinctly!
Close - and have fun there!
Brother! guards immensity.
Here it is - the temple albescent!..

ABOUT, unavoidable, pretty…
ABOUT, radiant, You?
Above the grave nezarыtoy
As flowers are white!

silent screams. The turmoil
We promechtalis century…
death Do? ABOUT, not, of repose
Duma is already high…

All retreated from time.
The strength within the dead.
Memory cursed seed
Another rumor swept away.

Where are you, abundant mother
With breast Sidon goddesses?
flame, raging in the crater,
Death of blooming desert?!

Znamenye - shirt struyashtaya
inexhaustible light.
It - The wife of a rising -
Late, but the right answer.

21 June 1902

*And I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away, and the sea was no more. And I, John, I saw the holy city of Jerusalem, new, coming down from God out of heaven, cooked, as a bride, adorned for her husband.
Apocalypse, <гл. 2>, 1-2 (Gr.). - Red.

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