unfinished poem

(Bad Nauheim. 1897-1903)


I saw the fire signs
Wonderland, born at the dawn.
I went - fiery poppies
Fold mountain altar.
With me in the morning smoky vestments
Censer in the blue firmament.
And on the ledges, eaves
Smokeless evaporated death.
Dozed pink tower,
Kurilis dew aloft.
Some ghost - a dream yesterday -
Grimacing in a blue box.
Another evening flickered chaos -
Delight, reached celebrations, –
but all, clothed in purple,
Sear white words.
And life seemed vague mystery…
That in the morning early, full sleep,
I opened, sage extraordinary,
Whose grinned depth?


There were white houses on the mountains,
Aleli roses tenacious dream.
And the mystery vaguely descended
feature, Mountain unclear to me.
ABOUT, in the mountains the air was gentle!
From the park frantically cried
And argue with a crash cabs
Vekamy stysnutыy Chorale.
There - to the origins of healing
Maimed chair resulted,
There - in the park, Meadow wide,
Clapped the ball and lawn-tennis.
There - iron string buzzing,
And at the top of the train, at the bottom
Flaming body plunges
The molten turquoise.
And in the door, in the dusty windows of buildings
Cry broke prodavschika
Carnations and lilies, roses and tissues,
И postcards, и kodak'a.


I understood: march openly, –
The pattern has become familiar phenomena.
But it was vague, it was merged,
Lost in blue sky.
She went to the merry hour
To the city bustle.
And quietly flammable valleys,
Accepting mountain dream…
And in the wild cod, in a shaky hum
day crawls, like a sleepy snake…
There is happiness in the eyes do not look
Millions of people gloomy.


it with fire, your evening
One I breathed on the mountain,
The city boomed immensely
On increasing the dawn.
I was free, Quenching…
A day in the blue pomerkshey
another sigh, spellbound,
And dew hiding in the grass.
They shine again Zautra,
And get up the mountain - among the roses,
At slope smoky-blue,
In the glow of golden hair…

8-12 May 1904

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Alexander Blok
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