philosophical poem

The first three parcels

Thou art Peter, i'm on a stone
I will build my church.
Evang. Matthew, XVI. 18

Introibo altar to the Gods.
To God, the joy

My heart light shone
You, My thoughtful teacher,
You enlighten dark minds,
Hellas powerful mastermind.
And you, singer native of winter,
Taking me from eternal darkness.


Here, on the ground, edinotselny,
and the spirit, and flesh by one
fleeing, In an effort inseparable,
And God - one start them.

He created one of communication,
And we heard a rumor star,
That eternal life within
And with the spirit of the flesh, and with the spirit of the flesh.

From birth - the power of God
They, calculated at one,
Run up to the threshold of death -
Universe secret link.


The eternal spirit - ruler of Gd body -
Bozhestvu subordinate, how is it.
Their union to limit the death -
Authorities secret grain.

Eternal spirit - and prehodyashtim in body
rules, alone podvlastnыy Bozhestvu:
Power in communication has become their destiny,
In it - the desire for nature.

Their union - the natural power of the spirit,
By the subordination of the body - their union.
And running into a single cohesive part
the power of the highest, secret ties.


The spirit of man has power on earth to leave the house,
The body has no power to go against the dictates of the soul.
The strength of the soul - the mighty lord and giver of the law,
The strength of the bodily instantly exactly fulfill the law.

That's the spirit of inclusiveness embraced his body
Imperiously law gives, a filling body.
The body is the soul precisely and instantly executes laws,
The vital connection with the soul, forever is subject to the soul.

9-10 December 1900

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Alexander Blok
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