Stretched yarns minutes later…

Stretched yarns minutes later,
They are all numbered and we will give.
"We know, we know inscribed circle ".
You say so, my angel, my friend.
Destiny called and said,: "Look,
Here are just a: from the one to the last dawn.
Let walks, worries, shakes nightlight
your pale, your gray, your pathetic double,
All threads in the Distant One Hand,
All the water in the spring is the blue one,
And do not you pick any edge of the curtain,
Hiding horror last heaven ".
I know, I remember, so you will you have me,
But you yourself those nights you do not sleep,
And together, we tremble with you at night,
And listen to tales, and we believe the clock…
We know, we know, friend, believe me:
it will be opened later, ancient door,
And the angel opens high coffins,
And no longer be tempted fate.

28 December 1903

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Alexander Blok
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