Old age is a dead hang around…

Old age is a dead hang around,
The Green drowned track.
I Peel the top of the semicircle -
I Peel dormer window.

Smell gave - and gum drops
They appear in the pine veins.
Break squeals saws,
And fly gold filings.

Here's the latest whistling split -
And a board flying into the unknown…
In sharp odor melting resins
Below me, opened neighborhood…

All of the sunset sky - Sandman,
Dolny shadows lengthen,
And pink is extinguished stern
Floating away kormschik spring…

Here we are with them float away into the darkness,
And the ship disappears flying…
That kormschik - Star epilepsy -
До свиданья!.. flying over the stern…

July 1905

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Alexander Blok
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