Brother! Now I am not that at all - Lermontov

Brother! Now I am not a very,
My friends would not know,
And then my forehead
Vlasov did not shine gray.
I was still not old;
A dried up my heart glow
Passion, appeared morschynы
And hated gray,
But now the old age
I despise gravitation.
I knew more showers excitement -
Love the last trace of the terrible,
but I tell: Beauty Terezы ...
Now among the midnight dreams
It seems to me: she goes
Between chestnut and cherry trees ...
Rolling across the sky the moon ...
As I pleased and comforted!
I see curls ... The eyes of the living
Drops of hot dressed ...
As Percy white pearls.
So vividly the image of the road
In my mind imprinted!
Mill short, I remember
And Asian Movements,
Her mouth purple,
I blush with shame and confusion ...
but full! fully! I loved,
I feel its not changed!..
Love, hidden in the heart of the wild,
In some extremes only illuminates
And forever (ferocious rock in vain
rose) I was not cool,
And the shadow of the past runs
Still everywhere for Mazepa ...

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