Prophet - Lermontov

Since the eternal judge
I gave the omniscience of the Prophet,
In the eyes of the people I read
Pages of malice and wickedness.

I began to proclaim the love
And the truth pure doctrine:
In my all my neighbors
Threw furiously stones.

I sprinkled ashes on the head,
Of the cities I ran beggar,
And now I live in the desert,
Как птицы, God's gift of food;

Testament predvechnogo feed,
I thing there is obedient earthly;
And the stars listen to me,
Rays happily playing.

When through the noisy hail
I made my way quickly,
The elders say children
With a smile, proud:

"Look: here's an example for you!
He was proud, I did not get along with us.
fool, I wanted to assure us,
What God says through his mouth!

See Well, children, to him:
He sullen and thin and pale!
See, it naked and poor,
How despise all his!»

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