Your face is so familiar to me…

Your face is so familiar to me,
As if you're living with me.
visiting, on the street and at home
I see your slim profile.
Your steps are ringing for me,
Where I may go in, are you there.
Do not slight foot ft
For me, walking at night?
You're not the only weapon to slip past,
No sooner had the door to look in,
Poluvozdushna and invisible,
Similar vidennomu dream?
I often think, Do not you
among the churchyard, the threshing floor,
sat, silently, on the grave
In his cotton scarf?
I was coming - are you sitting,
I went - you moved,
I went down to the river and sang…
On your bell voice
Responded Evening Bells…
And I wept, and timidly waited…
But at evening chime
Your sweet voice died away…
Another moment - no answer,
Scarf flashed across the river…
But I know sadly, somewhere
Meet again with you.

1 August 1908

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Alexander Blok
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