You sit alone in the room…

You sit alone in the room.
you hear?
I know: now you do not sleep…
You breathe and you breathe.

Why the lights went out at the door?
Do not be afraid!
I'm your long-forgotten hour,
Knock - Open.

I know, you are now in delirium,
I do not care I will come to you,
An old friend and a gentle…

Do not be afraid to remember me:
You were so young…
You rode a white horse,
And cheeks burning autumn cold!

You flew back, there -
The amber sunset!
no wonder, Did you know then
His pauper return path?

Now you are wise: do not contradict -
What's the point in dispute?
Do you remember the first love
And dawn, dawn, dawn?

Why are you bending face
so low?
Console yourself: the wind outside the window -
The death of a close tube!

Unlock, answer on my question:
Your day was bright?
I brought a regal shroud
You as a gift!

March 1909

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Alexander Blok
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