Black blood


ABOUT, not! I do not want, so that you and I have fallen
In the arms of the terrible! So long did flour,
When - not untwist his hands clasped,
Nor open the mouth - can not be in the dark night!

I do not want to go blind from a lightning storm,
Nor listen to the violins wail (frantic sounds!),
No surf experience ineffable boredom,
Burying your head in the burning ashes!

The first man, divine burning,
Ever want to return to the Blue Beach Paradise
You, killing all the lies and destroying poison…

But you call me! Your venomous look
Another predicts paradise! - I yield, knowing,
What's your snake paradise - a bottomless boredom hell.

February 1912


Again at… humiliated, angry and glad.
Night, day if there, in the window?
Vaughn month, like a clown, Communities on the roof
Face contorts me…

Full sun - off, remorse - off!
Who dares to help me?
The exhausted brain burst only night,
Burst only night!

The empty one breast, one penetrates glance,
It would stick a greedy look…
All depart forever, never come,
When you shout: Yes!

29 January 1914

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Alexander Blok
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